L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P…..John Page Burton

“Leadership” is a word that most of us hear on a regular basis. Beginning in early childhood, we were told that it was far more noble to be a leader than to be a follower. I once asked my father what would happen if everyone became a leader and their was nobody left to follow? I vaguely remember being swatted with a newspaper! Over the last 15 years I have had the honor of spending time with leaders in the world of business, sports, entertainment and in the personal development arena. I want to break down the word “leadership” and share what I consider to be the most consistent qualities found in people who I consider to be authentic leaders.

L=Loyalty. Effective leaders are loyal. Their word is their bond and they don’t engage in gossip or spread untruths. They are trustworthy.

E=Energy!!! Leaders are energetic and their energy is contagious. Leaders are mindful of their health and understand the role that vitality plays in top performance.

A=Action. Leaders take action. They are pacesetters.

D=DONE IT! True leaders have been in the trenches. They know and understand every aspect of their business. They will not ask you to do something that they have not done themselves.

E=Emotions. True leaders have an excellent command of their emotions. They have a very high emotional IQ. They shy away from making emotional decisions. They are very adept at shifting the emotional level in others in a positive way.

R=Risk. Leaders are willing to take risks. They recognize that with every risk  there is the potential for a significant reward.

S=Sacrifice. Effective leaders are willing to do what others won’t. They are willing to sacrifice in the short term to reap rewards in the long term.

H=Human. True leaders recognize that they are going to make mistakes and that they will fail. Humility is an essential attribute for effective leadership.

I=Intelligence. Leaders are always learning. They recognize the importance of continuing education. What sets an effective leader apart is their ability to apply their knowledge and achieve results.

P=Patience. Leaders understand that things take time. They take a very realistic approach to planning and problem solving. They understand the importance of embracing the “process” of success.

Becoming an effective leader is a life long journey. I know that I am always looking for ways to stretch and grow and I hope that you enjoy this process as much as I do! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on becoming a more effective leader.


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