Learning To Embrace Abundance…John Page Burton

Lets face it, with very few exceptions most of us came from families that either overtly or subconsciously promoted scarcity and lack. Many of us were even taught that money was an “evil thing”. Numerous “well intentioned” people used biblical scripture as justification for proclaiming that  “money was the root of ALL evil”. (I encourage you to consciously read the book of Timothy and see for yourself what was actually conveyed with regards to money) Many of us were also told by our parents that it was better for us to “be seen and not heard” and so we relinquished our voice at an early age. As part of our “domestication process” some of us were encouraged to fear God and to never question authority. Others were given clear instructions on the type of people that it was safe to “associate” with and we were chastised or punished every time we became curious and chose to leave our little box. If this was NOT your childhood good for you, your parents had a high level of awareness.

Studies have shown that well over 60% of our belief system is formed by the time we are 8 years old. By the age of 18 over 90% of our belief system has been established. (Some kids don’t leave home until they are in their early 20′s) Is it really any surprise that so many of us have “learned” to resist the flow of abundance, love, peace and joy? Most of us have been conditioned since childhood to “reject these desires as impractical or wrong!  All of us have set goals at one time or another and we have managed to get quite excited about what we  “could conceivably achieve”. Shortly after we began moving toward our dream the voices from our past started swirling around in our head and before we knew what had happened we found ourselves sitting on the sidelines. This was my reality for many years. I bought into the “what does society expect of me” story which allowed me to experience a tremendous amount of inner turmoil. Luckily, I found a mentor who began sharing some concepts and strategies that I could incorporate into my daily life. Over time, these concepts and strategies took root and I was able to re-design my belief system in a manner that dramatically changed my life. By applying these specific strategies I learned to “embrace the flow” and became very open to receiving economic abundance, love, peace and joy. Here are the specific things that I have learned to focus on. My hope is that it will help you as well.

*You must have faith. You must believe that what you desire is not only possible but highly attainable.

*You must learn to get uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you learn to become, the more you will grow as a person.

*You are absolutely going to FAIL. At first this is a very tough concept to embrace because it attacks our ego which will call up every negative voice from our past. “I told you so”,”That’s for other people, we have always been” (fill in your blank) etc, etc.

*Surrender. You must let go! Those of us with control issues really struggle with this one. I struggle with it every day! Surrender allows all of the necessary pieces to fall into place.

*You must believe that you DESERVE it. Most people who quit, simply don’t believe that they deserve to be successful, happy or loved. They believe that this is reserved for other people.

Most of us will never be able to completely quiet the voices from our past but we can change our RELATIONSHIP to them. I highly recommend investing in a life coach or mentor to help you design a strategy that will help you to “let go and embrace your flow of abundance.”

I always enjoy hearing your feedback.


4 thoughts on “Learning To Embrace Abundance…John Page Burton

  1. I find that I not only have to fight these preconceived ideas within myself, but once I’ve accomplished that…try to overcome the same from well meaning friends and family who are trying to ‘save me’ from mistakes, get me back in line, etc. Great post…loved the message.


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