Is Your Fear Greater Than Your Dream?…John Page Burton

If your FEAR is greater than your dream you will always struggle to create anything of significant value. On the other hand, if your DREAM is greater than your fear you can dramatically change your life. Are your dreams big enough to motivate and inspire you to do whatever it takes to create an empowering legacy for your family?  By honestly answering the questions below you will gain a much deeper understanding of the relationship between your dreams and your fear. If the path we are on is not getting us where we desire to be, it behooves us to CHOOSE a different path.


*How do you speak to yourself and to others? Is it uplifting or negative?

*Do you have discipline?

*Do you feel guilty when you see yourself becoming wildly successful?

*What do you focus on? Do you focus on your problems or do you focus on finding solutions?

*Do you surround yourself with positive, uplifting people?

*When your in social groups are you more prone to discuss concepts and ideas or are you more likely to gossip about other people?

*Do you readily seek the advice of people who have created success in their own lives or do you value the opinions of people who are underachieving?

*Do you quit easily and blame others for your “failure” or do you take responsibility and keep pushing ahead?

*Do you view your life from a place of scarcity and lack or do you expect and embrace abundance?

What we think about we bring about ! Conducting an honest evaluation of our current reality will allow us to make the changes necessary to move us closer to our dreams and further away from our fear.

As always your feedback is appreciated!


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