5 Tips For Taking Massive Action…John Page Burton

I believe that most of us have a strong desire to improve our lives and to play a much bigger game of life. With the best of intentions, we establish our goals and begin taking the first few steps toward their achievement. Shortly thereafter, we realize that life and it’s many distractions continue to happen around us and before we know it we have put our goals on the back burner and we are back to business as usual.  Here are 5 tips for taking massive action.

*Be Decisive. The ability to make a decision is an action step. Indecision keeps us from achieving anything of significance. When we are indecisive we are giving away our personal power.

*Start A Project. By starting a project we create forward momentum. For example, most of us have put off cleaning the garage. Once we get this project started we summon the energy to not only clean the garage but to also organize it and set aside everything we plan to sell in a future garage sale!

*Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone! “A mind expanded never goes back to it’s original size”. Being uncomfortable simply means that you are experiencing something new or different. This is a good thing. Anytime we leave our comfort zone we are giving ourselves permission to conquer our fears.

*Take Risks. You have probably heard the phrase “no risk, no reward”.  It’s true. Each time you take a risk you are building muscles of courage.

*Manage Your Mental State. This may be the most challenging task of all. We must not allow our emotions to govern our decisions. We must become masterful at quieting the voices both internal and external that want us to believe that we don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Remember…Success at anything beings with the decision to get started!  I welcome your feedback and your success stories.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Taking Massive Action…John Page Burton

  1. This is very good. Taking action, any action is moving forward! Why not take risks? We risk everyday anyway..only we can determine our own destiny If we do nothing than that will be our destiny; our legend.


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