What Is Your Story?…John Page Burton

At one time or another most of us have been in the presence of someone who is stuck in the past, bitter about the present or dreading the future. Conversations with them are always laced with a heavy dose of “I could have done this” or “I should have done that”. They routinely blame others for their “misery” and they never seem to acknowledge that they have played any part in their life drama.  They recite their VICTIM STORY so many times that eventually it becomes how they IDENTIFY with themselves. They resist solutions and if you try to inject something positive into a conversation they will usually bristle and retort…”that’s easy for you to say”

Conversely, have you ever been around a VISIONARY? They talk about the opportunities they have had, the failures they have LEARNED from, the sacrifices they have made and they seem quite EXCITED about what lies ahead.

What is your story? Are you a victim or a visionary? Are you writing a NEW story or are you regurgitating the same old one? Are you open to taking risks or do you find yourself clinging to your comfort zone? Are you fearful and angry or are you bold and happy?  We all have the opportunity to author a new and exciting story..The decision to do so rests with us.

I welcome and appreciate any thoughts you would like to share.


7 thoughts on “What Is Your Story?…John Page Burton

  1. LOVE this! I truly believe it takes way more enery to stay victim. Opportunity is around all of us if we choose to be open to it and to see it for what it is!!! Life is good…it’s all about attitude!


  2. LOVE this! I truly believe it takes way more energy to stay victim than to be excited about the opportunity around us! Life is about choice…each of us can choose to stay where we are “stuck” or we can choose something different! Life is good…it’s all about attitude!


  3. This I’d so true! On top of this, it’s so easy to buy into their story. Then not only do we identify them with the story they tell but often beging to avoid them or worse get involved and become part of that story…Craig


  4. As always, it’s right on the money.. I am NOT a blogger or a blog reader (is that redundant?), however I truly enjoy your posts as they are very well written, always seem to resonate with me, or someone I know,
    and I enjoy forwarding them on to others, confident that they will enjoy them as much as I do… So glad you started doing this, although it doesn’t seem like you just started.. There’s something very professional, l about them.


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