Are We Dying To Work?…John Page Burton

I love to work! I enjoy reaping the rewards that come from my consistent efforts. I am willing to get up early and stay up late in order to reach the goals that I establish for myself. I also take pride in going “the extra mile” for my clients and the organizations where I volunteer my time. I also enjoy playing hard! I relish hanging out with my friends and family, hiking, biking, skiing, traveling and sometimes even “partying like a rock star”. I have become quite adept at losing my cell phone at 5pm on Friday and I usually can’t seem to find the power button on my laptop until sometime early Monday morning.* I must note that it hasn’t always been this way.

What I believed was true…

Many years ago, I bought into the concept that true success only came to those who put in the longest hours and made the biggest personal sacrifices.(Working smarter, NOT harder was rarely discussed) While functioning in this delusional state, I routinely gave up weekend activities, sabotaged intimate relationships, put on weight, developed several unhealthy habits and managed to completely disconnect from the majority of my friends and family. I was able to develop an exceptional income but I was physically and emotionally bankrupt! When a close friend suggested that I create more”balance” in my life, I jokingly responded that “balance” is more applicable to those who perform high wire routines in the local circus.

Life is an amazing teacher…

Today I embrace balance and make a concerted effort to achieve it in all corners of my life. I realize that “all work and no play makes John a dead boy”. I focus on creating a healthy balance between work and play. I allocate time each week to volunteer in my community, I set aside time each day to focus on my spiritual studies, I make time each day for exercise and I look for opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family. Establishing a “date night” each week has done wonders for my relationship.  I continue to be amazed by how much my life has changed since I began to focus on creating work-life balance.

I did say “focus” on creating work-life balance. I recognize that it can be quite  challenging to create balance all of the time. My “focus” on creating balance, combined with my desire to always be moving towards achieving it, have brought me a deeper level of inner peace and a greater sense of control over my life circumstances and experiences.

Your thoughts on creating your own life balance would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Are We Dying To Work?…John Page Burton

  1. Truly amazing post! I believe the secret to creating a work-life-balance that is right for you, is doing what you love and fulfills you! I’m working towards achieving that in my future career 🙂 Creating rituals like exercise, date-night, meditation, etc. are wonderful ways to thrive and create the life we want! Thank you for this great reminder!


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